1. Wash hands with Hibiclens and use a nailbrush before, and after every guest.
  2. Wear a clean uniform, mask, exam gloves and face shield during treatment for each guest.
  3. Take guests temperature upon arrival.
  4. Have clients remove street clothes and put on provided gown and slippers.
  5. Provide a bag or area for clients street clothes to be hung or stored during treatment.
  6. Have clients put on provided fresh hair protective cap and mask.
  7. Have clients use provided hand sanitizer.
  8. Next have clients use provided sanitized pen and read and sign Covid waiver.
  9. Place client in Sanitized BAB.
  10. If possible open windows and use a hospital grade air purifier, between clients to purify the air.
  11. Run a fan during treatment to direct air away from myself and my guest towards the window,
  12. Keep hand sanitizer and hospital disinfectant spray at work station.
  13. Use hospital grade disinfectants to sanitize all communal areas between each guest.
  14. Floor is steam mopped before and after each client.
  15. Treatment bed is sanitized ,fresh sheets and fresh blanket are put on.