Boniface Aerosol Barrier

Boniface Aerosol Barrier


The BAB (Boniface Aerosol Barrier) is an acrylic barrier that let’s through 93% of light waves ,glass only lets 80% of light waves through it. The BAB is much clearer than glass which means better visibility for the practitioner. The durable BAB has a slanted high back and triangular sides to protect the guest and practitioner from shared aerosols.

  • Easily Assembled

  • 3-Sided, Stand-alone

  • Ships & Stores Flat

  • Easily Sanitized

  • Made in USA by A.P.I. an industry leader in quality design and manufacturing

  • Patent Pending

  • Shipping included in USA



This unique design provides open comfort for the guest, avoiding a claustrophobic feeling, and provides specially designed ergonomic arm openings for the practitioner to perform treatment. The BAB was designed as a “knock down” assembly so it can ship and be stored flat. Assembly and disassembly are completed in just a few minutes using a unique tab and slot attachment method. This allows for complete sanitation of the entire device, economical shipping rates, and compact storage. This is a stable stand-alone 3 sided enclosure and does not need to be anchored down. Its design is both beautiful and functional.

Kathleen Boniface is a practicing aesthetician for over 20 years. Like many of you, she knew that we needed to devise new safety measures. Protecting ourselves and our customers against airborne contaminants have become our most urgent priority. After exploring several ideas, Kathleen began working with Blake Miremont CEO of Architectural Plastics. They examined many design options, and after testing several prototypes over a 2 month period and the unique design for the Boniface Aerosol Barrier was created (the design is patent pending).

The current pandemic is making it difficult for practicing aestheticians to see clients. The Boniface Aerosol Barrier keeps your clients safe, and it keeps you, the practitioner, safe so you can reestablish your practice.

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