Boniface Aerosol Barrier (BAB)

Designed by an Aesthetician for Aestheticians.   Protecting ourselves and our customers against airborne contaminants has become our most urgent priority.


Kathleen Boniface LE

Kathleen Boniface is a highly respected and practicing aesthetician for over 20 years.

A believer in the power of the pivot, she knew that we needed to devise new industry safety measures. Covid-19 has changed the way we now must live in the world. Better protection for ourselves and our guests against airborne contaminants is necessary and our most urgent priority.

After exploring several Personal Protective Equipment ideas,  Kathleen found Architectural Plastics Incorporated a multi-generational, industry leader in high-quality manufacturing and design. Her esthetic viewpoint required the PPE  to be beautiful as well as functional. In working with Blake Miremont the CEO of Architectural Plastics she knew she had found the right designer. After several months of collaborative design and testing the prototypes in her studio the Boniface Aerosol Barrier (BAB) was created. Protect yourself from coronavirus, and other airborne contaminants, with the BAB.

  • Uniquely slanted high back and triangular sides for protection

  • “Knock-down” design allows for easy sanitation

  • Quick tab & slot assembly

  • Patent Pending

  • Aesthetician tested

  • Exclusive design provides open comfort,  avoiding claustrophobic feeling

  • Ergonomically designed arm holes for easy access

  • Artful and highly functional

  • Made in USA by A.P.I. an industry leader in quality design and manufacturing